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Company Main Service

Company Main Service

Reliable sourcing and SCM value added contractor

Professional Engineering
- engineering and technology support
A、More than 70% staffs have 10 years work experience
B、Engineers from Huawei,Carlisle,FRIWO,Foxconn...
C、Efficiently transfer concept to prototype, EVT, DVT,MP
Sourcing Agent & Cost control
- Sourcing agent agent and cost control
A、SCM contractor & Sourcing Agent
B、VAVE & Cost optimizatioin
C、Project management
Manufacturer Certification
- quality and inspection support
A、Manufacturer have ISO9000/ISO13485/IATF16949/AS9100
B、High precision equipment, reliable inspection service
C、Strict quality control team, actively responding to customer
IP Right & HoRS protection
- environmental protection and intellectual property right
A、Protecting intellectual property right and confidentiality
B、Green environmental protection,ROHS,REACH,UL materials
C、Protecting the legitimate rights and interests of workers